What Happens During a Sleep Study

Getting ready

When you arrive at the center, you will be shown to your private bedroom and given a questionnaire on how your day has gone. You will have time to unwind, change into your sleep attire, and prepare for bed. Private showers are available for your use. Each shower has shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, as well as large comfy towels. 32-inch flat screen TV’s are located in each bedroom.

If you have a time commitment in the morning, be sure to inform the technician prior to your study, so a wake-up time can be arranged.

The Sleep Study

Prior to going to sleep, your certified sleep technician will gently attach various monitoring sensors, using tape or a soft removable adhesive. These sensors are designed to be as comfortable as possible and do not poke the skin. There are no needles or pain involved in a sleep study. You are encouraged to ask questions of your technician regarding the testing process. For your privacy and comfort, the sleep technicians remain in a separate control room down the hallway and are always available for you throughout the night.

The Next Morning

In the morning after your sleep study is completed, you will be given a short questionnaire to complete. Due to the large amount of data collected, the night technicians are unable to discuss the results of your study. An appointment will be made for you to go over sleep study results with your Iowa Sleep physician.

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I could not believe, after all of these nights of poor sleep, that Dr. Zorn could help me so well.  I plan to tell all my friends about his great work!