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Bear...You Are How You Sleep

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I sat down last evening to see if I could find something interesting to watch on TV as I prepared to start my wind down ritual.  I came across the most hilarious thing. Who would of thought the commercials we see today would come up with something new and have us laughing right out loud. Not to endorse any name brands, but here is the link:

Tempurpedic has captured my attention. The commercial shows two preteen girls talking about how difficult it is to deal with this bear in their life. This real bear is shown swiping cereal boxes from the store shelf, outside the minivan trying to get in and so on.  What makes it even more humorous how these girls are speaking about the bear.

My most favorite statements are "geeze... get in the front and drive," and "shoo bear." "Even the dog can tell something is wrong," they say. The girls at the end of the commercial are happy they don't have to live with the bear in their life anymore as their mom climbs out of bed. Now this is a humorous look at a very pressing problem. Should we really subject our loved ones to being a "bear" every day?  However, it could be a little more than just an old or uncomfortable mattress.

So many individuals are walking around today and not realizing that they may indeed have a medical problem. I have worked in medicine for numerous years, but the first thing that I have learned in sleep is besides the typical <overweight or those with thick necks> one may have things that can definitely be addressed. Individuals may have issues if they weigh 90 lbs. or over 350 lbs. Throughout the years I have developed the opinion that everyone should have their sleep checked out at least once in their life.  Most people grow increasingly tired over the years and forget how great they can actually feel with adequate restful sleep.

Are you a bear and have tried changing your mattress?

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