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Sleep on the Presidential Campaign Trail

Monday, February 15, 2016

As Iowans, we are no stranger to seeing presidential hopefuls eat a variety of fried foods at the State Fair, have a cup of coffee at Smokey Row or search for the best tenderloin in the city. Many joke that the way to the White House starts in Iowa. But, spending so much time on the road, sometimes up to weeks at time, can be tiring for even the most seasoned road warrior. Here are some sleep and wellness tips we have for the list of presidential hopefuls trying to win the votes of the American people:

  • Exercise! – While in might be tempting to sleep in a hour or so when you’re in a different time zone, get up and sweat a little. Even if it’s just a walk around the block of your hotel, or a walk on the treadmill to the morning headlines, getting up and moving will not only boost your energy throughout the day, but it will also help to control your appetite throughout the day and make it easier to fall asleep at night.
  • Stay consistent– Time zones, busy schedules and just being away from home are not helpful in keeping a consistent routine. When manageable, set a couple alarms to make sure you get up within one hour of your normal wakeup time and turn in for the night within one hour of normal as well.
  • Watch what you eat (and stay hydrated) – While you might not know it, what you eat each day has an impact on how well you’ll sleep each night. While we won’t turn you away from trying a tenderloin around the city, but try to avoid having one for every meal. Instead, mix in some veggies, fruits and lean protein options to stay full and energized throughout the day, but also ready for bed when it’s time. Water is also very important to keeping your metabolism and energy levels up, to strive for at least 84 ounces each day.
  • Find a moment to relax – After hours of facetime with thousands of people, each candidate should find a time to relax each night. Whether it’s sitting down with a book or talking with a family member or friend, we recommend they take time to let go of the stress from the day and get ready for the next event.

While these are helpful tips for candidates spending long days on the road, they can also help anyone with a busy schedule or finds themselves traveling a lot. When things get busy and your normal routine is disturbed, the best way to power through it all, is it make sure you are getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night. If you or someone you know isn’t sleeping well through the night, our doctors would like to hear about your sleeping habits and help you to sleep well each night. Have a question for us? Ask away through our easy online form.