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The Cost of Untreated Sleep Problems

Monday, May 16, 2016

While it might seem easier to push through a hard week or month at work or school by staying late working or studying extra hours, you are actually doing more harm than good. Last month,

NPR did a report on how sleeplessness impacts workers and the workplace. They found that, when sleep deprived, you’re grouchier and more error-prone, which isn’t great for you or your employer.

Sleep does amazing things for our bodies and minds. When we don’t give ourselves time to sleep or let a sleep disorder go untreated, it’s easy to tell. Below, we’ve broken down the cost that untreated sleep problems, or just lack of sleep, can have on our bodies and our piggybanks.

Sleep deprivation’s cost on your health

  • 40% increased rate of excessive daytime sleepiness.
  • 2 times as many traffic accidents per mile.
  • 3 times greater risk of occupational accidents.
  • 1.3-2.5 times more hypertension.
  • 3.9 times more likely to have congestive heart failure.
  • 1.6 times increased chance of stroke.
  • 1.4-2.3 times greater risk of heart attack.
  • 40% increased risk of depression.

Cost on your wallet (or your employer’s wallet)

  • $6,091 – Yearly cost for an employee with an unmanaged sleep apnea.
  • $706,556 – Yearly cost per every 1,000 shiftwork employees with an unmanaged sleep apnea.
  • $5,227 – Yearly healthcare cost, per employee.
  • $2,076 – Yearly workplace absenteeism, per employee.

(All stats via

As you can see, sleeping well each night is not just good for our health, but it’s also good for our bank accounts. If you or someone you know could benefit from a conversation with a sleep doctor about their sleep habits (or lack thereof), or think they might have a sleep apnea, please make an appointment with us by calling 855.346.8899. You can also send us a question through our online form to get the conversation started.